Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Girls' Day Out Boutique!!

Well, I guess my life has a been a bit busy this past year! It looks like my last post was a year ago! Yikes!! I'll try and be better! With that being said, come check out our fun new vinyl products at the Girls' Day Out Boutique on Saturday November 20th!! It takes place at the West Valley Fitness Center ( 5415 West 3100 South) from 9 AM to 5 PM. There will be great door prizes and a lot of fun Christmas gift ideas. So don't miss out!
You can check out all of the vendors at

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Boutique

Come check us out! We'll be at the Annual Girls' Day Out Boutique on Saturday November 14th from 9 am to 5 pm. It's located upstairs at the West Valley Family Fitness Center on 3100 South and about 5600 West. We will have fun vinyl items to buy for yourself or others and we'll be taking orders for anything you may desire!
So come on over and see for yourself!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Growth Charts

Growth Charts are a great way to mark off your child or children as they grow. Growing up we had a designated door frame that we marked off our height as we grew. Unfortunately, when our family moved, the door frame had to stay. We transfered all of our marking over to a growth chart like these so it can go with us where ever my parents may move to now!
There are two different wideths 6" or 8". The vinyl can be personalized to put a child's or children's name(s) on. You could add pictures (flowers, balls, etc.). The font for the numbers can be changed to fit your personality as well.
The 6" wideth Kit (Vinyl and board) is $27.00
The 6" wideth finished is $40.00
The 8" wideth kit (vinyl and board) is $35.00
The 8" wideth finished is $50.00


These are the small 6" x 6" tiles. You can design your own or go with some of these samples. These are a great alternative to the larger tiles because they are just as cute but not as heavy. You can order a kit (tile and vinyl) for $4.00.
You can just order the vinyl and get your own tile for $3.00.
Or you can have us finish it completely for $5.00.


Block sizes can vary to fit your needs. This block above is 3.5" x 6" and would cost $3.00 for the kit (wood, vinyl, tulle) or $4.00 finished.

Another fun way to decorate is to spell things out on separate blocks. These can be personalized to fit any occation or home decor. The blocks above and picture below are all 4" x 3.5". These kits (blocks and vinyl) are $3.00 or $6.00 finished.

Another fun way to spell things out is on blocks with different sized blocks. The price of the Welcome blocks above are $7.00 for the kit (blocks and vinyl) or $10.00 finished.
The blocks below are the same idea. The kit for the USA blocks below is $3.50 or $6.50 finished.

The large blocks above are 5.5" x 5.5" and can be personalized to fit your needs.
The kit (block and vinyl) is $6.00
Finished $8.50
I am a Child of God block above is 4.5" x 4.5". Once again you can order a personalized saying to fit on here. The kit (block and vinyl) is $4.00 or $5.00 finished.

These are wood tile shelf sitters. The kit for these are $4.00 or $5.00 finished.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shelf Sitters

Shelf Sitters are great for making that saying you want more portable. These are a few examples of shelf sitters. They are great for displaying your family name or that sweet saying to go in your child's room. You can get these in a variety of sizes. Prices vary depending on the size of wood and vinyl.
Vinyl Pricing:
$1.50 per foot up to 2.5"
$2.00 per foot up to 3.5"
$2.50 per foot up to 4.5"
$3.00 per foot up to 5.5"
$3.50 per foot up to 6.5"
$4.00 per foot up to 8"

Wood Pricing
$1.00 per foot for 2" mdf
$1.50 per foot for 4" mdf
$2.00 per foot for 6" mdf
$2.50 per foot for 8" mdf
$3.50 per foot for 12" mdf

So if you wanted a 4" x 24" board with 3.5" vinyl you would add the following:
$1.50 + $1.50 = $3.00 (wood)
$2.00 + $2.00 = $4.00 (vinyl)
Total kit = $7.00
If you want us to finish the board add $3.00.

Teacher Ideas

Plastic jar that can be personalized. This one says, "Reach for the Stars." Then filled with candy.
Finished with candy $6.00
Kit (Jar and vinyl) $3.50

A+ Teacher Block or #1 Teacher Block
Finished $5.50
Kit (Wood, vinyl, ribbon, chalk) $4.00

Teacher Gift Basket
These are baskets we put together with teacher supplies and a teacher block. You can choose to substitute the block with another item. For example, you can trade the block for the hand sanitizer. The cost varies depending on the items you choose to put in.

Our Class is At...
This is a magnet board that can be hung outside of a classroom door. The students and teacher can change out the magnets to tell where the class is out to. This makes things nice for parents or others who may be looking for a student. The magnet board can be personalized to say the teacher's name. The magnets can also be personalized to fit the class's needs. This comes with the metal, 6 wood magnets, vinyl and ribbon.
Finished $18.00
Kit $15.50

Pen Holder

These are a fun way for your teacher to keep track of their pens. The Pen Holders come complete with the drilled glass block, 3 pens with flowers of your choice, vinyl, ribbon, and stuffed paper. The vinyl is personalized for your teacher.
Completely finished: $17.00
Kit: $15.00
Kits can be varied. For example, if you'd like to get your own flowers, to be sure they match your decor, that would take off an extra $2.00. Or if you are a complete do-it-yourselfer, and just need the vinyl that would be $2.00.

Teacher hand sanitizer or soap
With all of the germs floating around classrooms, no room is complete without hand sanitizer! These can be filled with soap or hand sanitizer. The vinyl can be personalized to meet your needs.
Finished Sanitizer $3.50
Finished Soap $3.00
Kit (Vinyl and bottle) $2.50