Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Teacher Ideas

Plastic jar that can be personalized. This one says, "Reach for the Stars." Then filled with candy.
Finished with candy $6.00
Kit (Jar and vinyl) $3.50

A+ Teacher Block or #1 Teacher Block
Finished $5.50
Kit (Wood, vinyl, ribbon, chalk) $4.00

Teacher Gift Basket
These are baskets we put together with teacher supplies and a teacher block. You can choose to substitute the block with another item. For example, you can trade the block for the hand sanitizer. The cost varies depending on the items you choose to put in.

Our Class is At...
This is a magnet board that can be hung outside of a classroom door. The students and teacher can change out the magnets to tell where the class is out to. This makes things nice for parents or others who may be looking for a student. The magnet board can be personalized to say the teacher's name. The magnets can also be personalized to fit the class's needs. This comes with the metal, 6 wood magnets, vinyl and ribbon.
Finished $18.00
Kit $15.50

Pen Holder

These are a fun way for your teacher to keep track of their pens. The Pen Holders come complete with the drilled glass block, 3 pens with flowers of your choice, vinyl, ribbon, and stuffed paper. The vinyl is personalized for your teacher.
Completely finished: $17.00
Kit: $15.00
Kits can be varied. For example, if you'd like to get your own flowers, to be sure they match your decor, that would take off an extra $2.00. Or if you are a complete do-it-yourselfer, and just need the vinyl that would be $2.00.

Teacher hand sanitizer or soap
With all of the germs floating around classrooms, no room is complete without hand sanitizer! These can be filled with soap or hand sanitizer. The vinyl can be personalized to meet your needs.
Finished Sanitizer $3.50
Finished Soap $3.00
Kit (Vinyl and bottle) $2.50

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